What causes the high rate of teenage pregnancy in South Africa?

The sugar daddy phenomenon has been listed as one of the factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy. This emerged at the presentation by the Department of Social Development of a study known as Factors Associated with Teenage Pregnancy in Gauteng.

The study suggests that issues of culture – where teenagers are subjected to family pressure; girls wanting to prove their womanhood and lack of parental guidance – also contribute to the rate of teenage pregnancy.

“In Gauteng it is basically the pressure in terms of the families. There’s pressure in the family such that children will want to go and enjoy themselves through sexual activity which results in pregnancy,” said Gauteng Social Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza.

The study surveyed some 500 pupils from across the province. Teachers and parents were also interviewed in focus groups to try and determine the main causes of teenage pregnancy.

It was found that some psycho-social factors contributing to the problem included youngsters seeking love as a result of lack at home.

“The teenagers are looking for love from older people who will actually provide them with money to buy stuff…,”said Mayathula-Khoza.

Source: ENCA

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