Sun EL Musician Latest Single Ubomi Abumanga ft Msaki Lyrics: Sun-EL Musician – Ubomi Abumanga ft. Msaki (Full Song). Prolific producer Sun-EL Musician has released his new single, Ubomi Abumanga, a collaborative effort with in-demand vocalist Msaki. The recording was teased by EL World earlier this week and we have the full cut for you.

Ubomi Abumanga Meaning behind the song

Just the title alone “Ubomi Abumanga” loosely translated to “life hasn’t stopped” is sure to give anyone goosebumps. It is worthy to point out that Msaki and Sun-El Musician represent the new era of independent musicians. Both known for giving us chart topping hits that drive the message of hope, motivation and positivity, the pair are certainly our frontline staff. Msaki reminisces, reassures, reaffirms about the road less travelled and Sun El Musician lays the fertile ground, with shakers, trumpets and piano rolls, perfect ingredients for yet another hit. So if you are looking for a comeback, a new chapter, a realignment be sure to give it a spin Sun El Musician x Msaki – Ubomi Abumanga is the second single of the album To The World And Beyond.. Artist: Sun-EL Musician Feat. Msaki Vocals: Msaki Producer: Sun-EL Musician Publisher: EL World Music.

Listen to the Official Audio

Lyrics of Ubomi Abumanga by Sun EL Musician ft Msaki

Bekukudala ngoko useneminqweno
Khawude uwele iblohho, uze nganeno
Bekukudala ngoko usenazinjongo
Khawude uwele iblohho, uze nguyenaneno
Sasikhule sonke
Sphupha emazulwini
Scakamel’ilanga (scakamela ilanga)
Yiza ndikhumbuze
Ubomi abumangaAsoze abekho ofana nawe
Ofana nawe, soze abakho
Asoze abekho ofana nawe
Ofana nawe, soze abakhoVul’amehlo ujonge
Noba akululanga
Ntaka zivukile
Ubomi abumanga
Izakhono zakho, neziphiwo zakho
Ubomi abumanga
Sizokukhanyisela, ibemhlophe indlela
Lizophum’ilanga (lizophum’ilanga)
Yiza ndikukhumbuze
Ubomi abumangaAsoze abekho ofana nawe
Ofana nawe, soze abakho
Asoze abekho ofana nawe
Ofana nawe, soze abakho

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