SA Lotto Winning Numbers Results for Saturday, November 13, 2021: Twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday participants may select 6 out of 52 numbers that can be entered into a South African Lotto Draw:

Here are the Lotto Winning Numbers Results for Saturday, November 13, 2021

Winning numbers

How to Play South African Lotto Game?

A participant may enter the LOTTO or LOTTO PLUS 1 and LOTTO PLUS 2 in the following ways:  
  1. Presenting a completed Bet Slip to a Retailer. On any one Bet Slip a Participant may make a selection from a minimum of one entry and a maximum of the number of entries included on the Bet Slip. Each selection is made by manually marking 6 numbers within one entry or by manually marking the Quick Pick box. The completed Bet Slip is processed through the Terminal, which will issue the Receipt recording each Selection marked on the Bet Slip;
  2. By indicating in-person to a Retailer the requested digits or numbers to be entered manually into the Terminal by the Retailer;
  3. Requesting a number Selection to be made on a random basis by the Lottery Processing System through a Quick Pick;
  4. Selecting random set of 6 numbers at an alternative point of sale other than the terminals where a participant can purchase an entry into the LOTTO/LOTTO PLUS 1/LOTTO PLUS 2. These would include ATM’s, Mobile Application, Mobile Phones and any other additional channels.  

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