Good Speech Topics for Grade 12: The topics below will help learners to find suitable topics for their essays or speeches for their assessments.

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Art

  • Importance of performing arts for holistic development
  • Should art be compulsory at South African schools?
  • Graffiti: Art or Nuisance?
  • Museums are the dying reservoir of arts and culture
  • Entry to museums should be free for students
  • Schools should host annual arts festivals
  • The slow death of ancient art forms
  • Modern art lacks authenticity

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Economy

  • There should be no minimum wage in South Africa
  • Political unrest decelerates economic growth
  • Economics as a discipline must be mandatory for all learners
  • Economic growth of China is a model for South Africa to follow
  • Free trade agreements are bad for labour
  • Economy is defined by few rich industrialists
  • Import duty should be removed
  • Exports boost economic growth

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Entertainment

  • Reality shows are a source of exploitation
  • Reality shows are anything but real
  • Media has a negative influence on teenagers
  • Media influences political decisions
  • TV shows influence human behaviour
  • TV shows reflect the society around
  • Reality shows reduce human IQ
  • TV shows are a great source of motivation
  • Reality shows are scripted
  • Reality shows dilute important topics of discussion

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Academics

  • Books are the only source of learning
  • Computer-based learning is most effective
  • Gamification and virtual reality is the future of education
  • Extracurriculars are a waste of time
  • Only main papers should be considered for grading
  • Academics are the only criteria for individual success
  • Rote learning is the best way to get good grades
  • Conceptual clarity beats rote learning
  • Sports can boost learning effectiveness

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Ethics

  • Juvenile delinquency is acceptable
  • Prostitution should be legal
  • Underage driving should be punishable by law
  • Beauty pageants for children should be banned
  • Prisoner’s right to vote
  • Voting rights should not be universal
  • Guns should be banned from college campuses
  • Death penalty should be abolished
  • Substance abuse is a cause of social evils
  • Underage alcohol consumption should lead to prison time

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Environment

  • There should be strict penalties to protect endangered species
  • Environmental pollution is a global concern
  • Developed nations are to blame for global warming
  • Greenhouse effect threatens human existence
  • Limiting use of natural resources and fossil fuels
  • Complete switch to renewable energy is the way to go
  • Using plastic is self defeating
  • Humans are to blame for environmental degradation
  • Carpooling can save the environment
  • Noise pollution is detrimental to human development

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Fashion

  • Men shouldn’t wear pink
  • Eco- fashion is the future
  • Fashion reveals true identity
  • Sustainable clothing is the way to go
  • Clothes define a person
  • Jewelry defines your worth
  • Fashion is an important part of society
  • Certain fashion brands have a negative influence on society
  • Fashion industry has the greatest influence on teenagers
  • Celebrity endorsed fashion brands are the best

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Motivation

  • Following your dreams is hard
  • Goal setting is important for success
  • Overcoming stage fright is crucial for success
  • Importance of creating a positive vibe
  • Sustainable living is the source of motivation
  • Happiness can be measured
  • Personal experience is more important than rote learning
  • Exposure to violence leads to demotivation
  • Video games increase motivation
  • Motivating teamwork and cooperation 

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Travel

  • Airline tickets should be made cheaper in South Africa
  • Travel brings new experiences
  • Travel makes you more inclusive
  • Eco- tourism is important for sustainable development
  • Flying first class is a once in a lifetime experience
  • Travelling in a guided group is monotonous
  • Solo travel allows the best way to self-exploration
  • Antarctica should not be open for tourists
  • Environmentally endangered sites should not allow tourism
  • Tourism boosts the local economy

Grade 12 Speech Topics about Technology

  • Google is the death of libraries
  • Social media is an end of face to face conversations
  • AI is the future of technology
  • Technology is changing our lives
  • Limiting screen time for adults
  • Government should regulate internet usage
  • Technology has made life better
  • Internet chat rooms are not safe
  • Humans are addicted to technology
  • Internet fraud awareness: Must for cybersecurity

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