Battleground Teasers – December 2020 and January 2021

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Episode 8

Teni’s botched wedding breaks the internet. Hadiza urges Danlami to step up. Teni and Michael make up. Mayowa considers law school. Onajite catches Moshood flirting.

Episode 9

Kolade’s past is revealed. Ayo updates Cissy. Yakubu speculates on BBP’s falling stock. The General is informed of untraceable funds. Michael’s mental issue is revealed. 

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Episode 10

Teni keeps vigil by Kolade’s hospital bed. Ayo breaches hospital security to see Kolade. The house staff discuss Kolade’s health. 

Episode 11

Teni and Adaora discover a letter from Kolade. Teni is given medical power of attorney. Mayowa challenges Dr. Kalu. Eugene’s son, D-Boy, needs surgery.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Episode 12

Teni and Adaora fight. Ayo stalks Mayowa and gains access to the Bhadmus house. The General is briefed on Kolade’s health status. Eugene receives a tempting offer from the reporter.

Episode 13

Mayowa punches a photographer. Peter downplays Michael’s problems. Ayo is caught snooping in Teni’s bedroom. Danlami reassures fidgety BBP clients and staff.  

Friday 4 December 2020

Episode 14

Danlami searches for The General’s money. Dr Kalu foils a paparazzi intruder. Eugene confesses to bribery. Michael treats Teni to R & R. Moshood is nominated for hospital visitation. 

Episode 15

Teni is ambushed with a registry wedding. Adaora accuses Moshood of extortion. Danlami is championed as Kolade’s successor. The General abducts Danlami. House staff put Eugene on trial. 

Saturday 5 December 2020

Episode 16

The “Ephemera fund” is discovered. Mayowa walks in on Adaora in Kolade’s study. Cissy joins Ayo in Lagos. Moshood is denied access to Kolade. Ayo’s ID facilitates a security breach.

Episode 17

Cissy arrives in Lagos. Danlami and Adaora go drinking. The General meets with co-conspirators. Steve updates Hadiza. Mama Egba leaves. Moshood falsely reports on Kolade’s health.

Sunday 6 December 2020

Episode 18

Danlami and Adaora’s past is revealed. Teni confronts Adaora. Media declare the wedding cancelled. Cissy asks to visit Kolade. The General reveals knowledge of the “Ephemera fund”.

Episode 19

Kolade’s heath improves. Adaora consults with Kolade’s solicitor. Adaora turns Mayowa against Teni.  Hadiza is revealed as sponsor of Danlami’s favourable press. Kolade is poisoned.

Monday 7 December 2020

Episode 20

Kolade is falsely reported dead by the rival company MLR. BBP shares plummet. Arrangements are made to bring Kolade home. Mayowa takes charge of security. Ayo is hit by a car.

Episode 21

Mayowa holds a press conference. Dr Emeka treats Ayo in hospital. Ola shows up in Lagos. Dr Kalu learns about the Second family. Sandra apologizes to Teni. House staff learn Kolade is alive.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Episode 22

Mayowa ruins the BBP press conference. Emeka is offered to head Kolade’s medical team. Ola and Cissy stay with Ayo. Hadiza accuses Danlami of infidelity. 

Episode 23

Michael has a private session with Xhan. Michael is pressured to get Teni pregnant. The General sends Boniface to infiltrate the Bhadmus house. Adaora warns staff over privacy. 

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Wednesday 9 December 2020

Episode 24

Comatose Kolade returns home, the 2nd family reacts. Peter meets with potential donors who rather endorse Michael. Ola urges Cissy to return to Port Harcourt. 

Episode 25

Nurse Oyiza ruffles feathers at the Bhadmus house. Emeka is approached for medical advice. Mayowa installs CCTV cameras. Danlami witnesses a murder. 

Thursday 10 December 2020

Episode 26

Teni declines to attend a book signing. Emeka reveals his dislike for Kolade. Ayo goes job hunting. Staff bet over Moshood taming Oyiza. Danlami sizes up Emeka.

Episode 27

Teni reveals she and Emeka were childhood friends. Ayo resumes work at MLR. Danlami orders a secret package. Adaora and Mayowa clash. Cissy makes up her mind to show up at the Bhadmus house. 

Friday 11 December 2020

Episode 28

Mama Egba returns. Cissy’s drive to the Bhadmus house is waylaid. Teni finds a strange scarf in Michael’s flat. Yakubu speculates that corrupt P. Animashaun committed suicide. 

Episode 29

As reporters besiege the Bhadmus house, Adaora accuses Emeka of the press leak. Mayowa hooks up with Xhan. Moshood talks to Boniface. Cissy, Ayo and Ola show up at the Bhadmus gates.

Saturday 12 December 2020

Episode 30

In one night, Teni encounters Michael and Xhan and Mama Egba tells Teni about the 2nd family. Lara reveals her angst against Kolade. Mayowa reveals Teni’s amd Emeka were sweethearts.

Episode 31

Hadiza tells Cissy about Kolade’s poisoning. The General’s associates make Lara an offer. Chichi recognizes Ayo. Hosu is put under pressure.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Episode 32

Mayowa finds out about the 2nd family. Cissy confronts Danlami over Kolade’s poisoning. Sandra flirts with Emeka. Danlami taunts Michael over the cancelled wedding. Ayo blunders at work. 

Episode 33

Adaora is visited by Kolade’s solicitor. Teni bumps into the 2nd family at BBP. Chichi confronts Moshood. A drunk driving Mayowa causes bodily harm. 

Monday 14 December 2020

Episode 34

Mayowa confronts the 2nd family. Ola Adaora reveals a letter of blackmail. Teni nurses Emeka. Michael spends the night at the Bhadmus house. Danlami’s secret package arrives. 

Episode 35

Adaora charges Mayowa to assert himself. Sandra mistakes Emeka’s pity for growing affection and Teni finds none of it funny. Onajite discovers what Mayowa has been up to. 

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Episode 36

Teni is furious with Mayowa’s interference. Ola approaches Danlami. Staff fight over Mayowa’s alcohol stash. Moshood tries to offer Mayowa absolution from his guilt.

Episode 37

Staff remind Moshood of his bet. Media speculations continue about the fate of BBP. Mayowa makes accusations regarding the Chief’s poisoning. Adaora makes a starling announcement.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Episode 38

Ola warns Cissy about Hadiza. Teni makes a shocking confession to Michael. Moshood refuses to be used as Mayowa’s pawn. Ona and Hosu both overhear things they shouldn’t have.

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Episode 39

Mayowa confronts and threatens Danlami. Peter Ige-Williams fares badly on TV but Michael saves the day. Adaora issues strange orders and Onajite is left to make a tough call. 

Thursday 17 December 2020

Episode 40

Mayowa seeks a second opinion on his father’s health. Adaora has an unpredictable visitor. Doctor Kalu is confused regarding names of the Bhadmus family members.

Episode 41

Oyiza suggests Kolade be moved back to the hospital. Teni has to make a firm decision. Michael stands up to his father. As does Emeka. Dr. Kalu may have secrets of his own.

Friday 18 December 2020

Episode 42

Mayowa is suspicious of everyone, particularly Oyiza. The media makes comparisons between Adaora and Cissy. Emeka has concerns about his father’s dealings. Dr. Kalu seeks legal counsel. 

Episode 43

Emeka acts on his suspicions. Moshood loses patience with Hosu. Adaora comes face to face with her nemesis, Cissy. And Oyiza proves to be untrustworthy.

Saturday 19 December 2020

Episode 44

Emeka unwittingly hands Cyril some crucial information. Hadiza gets a severe warning from Danlami. Seth continues his attempts to blackmail the family. Emeka stumbles on a secret.

Episode 45

Mayowa solves the blackmail problem. Hadiza convinces Cissy of Adaora’s guilt. And doctor Kalu has something to confess to Emeka. Peter decided to get Michael help. 

Sunday 20 December 2020

Episode 46

Cyril has a conflict of choice. Ayo discovers the General’s relationship with Cyril. Cissy reads Dr. Kalu the riot act. Teni assures Sandra it’s over between her and Emeka. 

Episode 47

The General gives Cyril an order and helps Ola make up his mind. Danlami and Mayowa bond. Hadiza is not pleased. Ola goes to Lara for help. Cyril decides Emeka is his rival. 

Monday 21 December 2020

Episode 48

Teni pays Emeka a visit and makes a difficult request. Folake taunts Ayo over Teni’s success. Ayo has a plan that involves Cyril. Mayowa takes Sophie’s advice. Michael goes missing. 

Episode 49

Emeka, driven to jealousy, does something he regrets. Lara extends offers to both Ola and Ejiro. Danlami gives Mayowa a challenge. Ayo’s plan to upstage Teni doesn’t go well. 

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Episode 50

Ayo becomes the butt of jokes. Lara shows her hand and puts Ejiro on the spot. Cyril sees through Ayo’s scheme. Lara gives Ola some backstory. Mayowa makes Danlami a promise. 

Episode 51

Mayowa makes some claims on TV and asserts himself at BBP. Ayo goes into competition with Mayowa. Hadiza wants Danlami to rein him in. Doctor Kalu is forced to make a decision.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Episode 52

Ayo pays The General a visit. Dr. Kalu tries to prepare Adaora for what is coming. Ayo and Mayowa face off in the bid to get Cyril’s account. 

Episode 53

The household staff grapple with Adaora’s departure. Sophie’s reassurances make Onajite uncomfortable. Ola expresses a clear interest in Lara. Danlami finds himself having to court Ejiro. 

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Thursday 24 December 2020

Episode 54

Lara expresses her disappointment in Ayo. Ejiro disappears and Danlami fears the worst. Hadiza is displeased with Mayowa’s popularity at BBP.

Episode 55

Mayowa celebrates his victory but it ends badly. After a brief victory, BBP hits another road bump. Cyril warns Ayo about the General. Cissy takes Ola’s social life in hand, invites Lara over. 

Friday 25 December 2020

Episode 56

Mayowa has a very anxious day, worrying about the girl he dumped. Cyril is arrested while Mayowa is questioned by the Police.

Episode 57

Ejiro learns the hard way. Mayowa is frantic about Keisha’s fate. Ayo attempts to blackmail Mayowa. The General’s partners go to Cyril with a plea for help and a warning.

Saturday 26 December 2020

Episode 58

Cyril learns that the General takes disloyalty seriously. Danlami gets the better of Lara once again. Cyril almost betrays a friendship due to jealousy. Lara has some very harsh words for Ola.

Episode 59

A letter comes from Kolade through Okiemute and Mayowa is incensed. Ayo discovers who leaked her photos of Mayowa. Emeka and Cyril come to blows. Sophie’s desperation drives her to Danlami.

Sunday 27 December 2020

Episode 60

Mayowa vents his pent-up frustrations on a comatose Kolade. Dr Kalu proceeds to ease Kolade out of coma. Emeka makes a startling discovery and confronts doctor Kalu, this time with facts. 

Episode 61

After Chief Kolade Augustus Bhadmus suffers a heart attack, secrets about his life begin to unravel. However, family, will, love and destiny must unite to survive.

Monday 28 December 2020

Episode 62

Dr Kalu questions Nurse Oyiza’s judgment. Mayowa finally discloses the CCTV cameras. Cissy tries to see Kolade. Hadiza needs to stop Steve before he walks into a trap. 

Episode 63

Steve shows he has impeccable instincts. Chichi finally discovers Hosu’s secret. The first family have a group therapy session. And Mayowa surprises everyone with his meltdown on TV.

Tuesday 29 December 2020

Episode 64

The Family continues a vigil on Chief’s waking. Adaora makes a decision about the CCTV cameras and is surprised by Mayowa’s easy acquiescence. 

Episode 65

Steve’s body is found. Ejiro exhibits more disloyalty. Ola and Ayo recruit Danlami to deceive their mother. Teni rails at Cissy’s continued intrusion. 

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Episode 66

The family worry about Kolade. Adaora is afraid to approach Kolade, then she receives a surprising reception from Kolade. Cissy is disappointed at her children’s betrayal.  

Episode 67

The second family receive news of Kolade’s waking. The General reassures his partners he means them no harm. Kolade makes a request that enrages Adaora.

Thursday 31 December 2020

Episode 68

Michael’s whereabouts remain a mystery. Ola gives Cissy sound advice about her engagement with Kolade. Cissy states her conditions to Dr. Kalu. 

Episode 69

Mayowa discovers Jayson’s duplicity. Teni confronts Peter about Michael’s whereabouts. The staff conjecture about Kolade’s selective amnesia. 

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